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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Tips for Express Love

For many people, getting emotional or expressive is difficult. Some people might even laugh at conventional scenarios that are regarded symbolic of love. Candle-lit dinners are not meant for such folks. Express your love to such a person by playing small games that work along the lines of flirting. This is more like a spicy version of expressing your love. For instance, rather than simply pasting a note on his laptop, SMS him, saying that there is a special gift hidden somewhere in the house. Give him some clues as well. This works well to ignite curiosity and get him interested in the game of love.

This is a real difficult one, i.e. how do you express love when it seems that your partner doesn’t even acknowledge your efforts. Here, you have to be tolerant. You need to understand that your partner might not have the same sensibilities as you. Your partner might need more time to understand the importance of expressing love. Here, you need to be expressive without expecting anything in return. This is the most difficult, forgiving and unconditional way of expressing your love.

Many couples complain about their partners being too possessive. They feel suffocated in their relationship and feel there is no need to repeatedly express their feelings since their partner is so controlling. However, you need to do a reality check here. Try to decipher whether the possessiveness is out of jealousy or lack of faith. If neither is the reason and your partner is naturally possessive, you should be relieved. Why? Because being possessive is also a form of expressing love.

Must be Ready For First Date

1. Try to maintain a good smile before date:

Date means not only to meet a girlfriend/boyfriend but it should leave very pleasant thought for the rest of your life. So, make you date a memorable and start doing some practice to make your mood happy. For this purpose stand before the mirror and make a happy face, remember some thing pleasant about her/him. Listen your favorite music, listen some jokes to remove the signs of sadness from your face.

2. Be fit and feel good before date:

Before the few days from your date do some workout. Select some hours of the day especially evening time. It will boost your confidence and give you more daring feelings. If you are a girl you can also do so or do some yoga.

3. Take a time to look fresh:

Take a bath in the shower but if you have enough time then take long time to spend in the tub. Use some fragrant some with your favorite fragrance. Cut your nails but if you are a lady make sure they are in a good shape. Brush your hair and get them in shape. Shave your beard and moustache but if you are a girl also shave your under arm and legs.

4. Brush your teeth:

If your mouth has very bad smell and you can’t tolerate it then how can your date face you? So, brushes your teeth very well and also use some mint or mouth freshener to give a sign of healthy and fresh breath.

5. Prepare your clothes:

Don’t choose too much fancy dressing for your date but keep it simple as simplicity will have a deep impact on your date. Your dress should be according to the weather and you will very comfortable in it.

6. Do some makeup:

If you are a girl and getting ready for your date then you don’t need to go in a parlor. Simply do a light makeup and apply some pleasant lipstick with lip shiner and nail polish.

7. Pick a perfume:

Generally it will not be good to have very fragrant perfume because may be your dating person will irritate form this and try to keep herself/himself from you. So, use a light perfume with sensational fragrance.

8. Don’t forget other essentials:

Keep a note of other things you want to take with you on your date. Keep your cell phone, small makeup kit, some money, tissue papers, perfume, mint and a camera to capture some thing pleasant scenes.

Tricks for Speed Dating

The very first thing that comes into the notice is impression. And this becomes even more important given to the limited time each couple gets. Physical appearance does not matter every time, but when you have to impress someone within four to seven minutes of time, it does become critical. That night neither forget to put on your best attire nor to put up a smiling face. We all love to be in the company of jolly and bright people rather than with someone who is sloppy and boring. Thus a polished look on the night of your speed date will ensure that your partner will be eager to know more about you.

Next, it is also important to go well prepared for the singles night out to stay away from boredom. Again, time will play a vital role and to stay focused within the limited time, you should talk to know each other better rather than wasting time in silly and small chit chats. You should show your importance to the other person and only then there will be space for chemistry.

Furthermore, always be on time. It is not only impolite to arrive late and keep your date waiting but it can as well cost you to great extend. All speed dating events move really quick and in that case if you run late, your spot can be given away to somebody else. And even if your spot still remains for you, you can still lose the chance of dating two to three possible matches on that special night.

Studies have also shown that it is very imperative to be honest while answering your questions to your date on any speed dating event. This is so because, such events are hosted not only to have good time but as well to find potential matches. And if you happen to fake around, a lot of confusions and future complications can rise up.

Some Ways Finding Boyfriend

Get a Makeover

You do not really need to be the sexiest and the most alluring girl in town just to have a boyfriend. All you need is to groom yourself, dress-up well and carry yourself in a sexy way, and boys will surely come flocking on you in no time. So visit the nearest salon in town, and have a total makeover of yourself!

Get Involve

If you really want to have a boyfriend, then be involve with social gatherings and parties at your town so you will have a chance to meet up with several boys. Do not expect to find yourself a boyfriend if you just hang around in your dwelling place. So instead of sulking in your sanctuary for not having a date, don your sexiest clothes now and head to the nearest party place in town.

Be Friendly

Boys get easily intimidated with girls who do not seem to appear approachable and friendly. So try to put smile on your face from time to time and do not snub anyone who approaches you. Try to be nice when you talk to people so that the boys around you will not be afraid to ask you out.

Do Not Be Too Choosy

If you really want to have a boyfriend soon, then try not to be too choosy with the kind of boys that you want to date with. The problem with a lot of women these days is that they would often look at the physical aspect of the guy and not much on the personality. Well, this should not be the case. What you should do instead is to give chance to boys who does not seem to look attractive for you, because you might end up falling for these kinds of guys.