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Must know about Long Distance in Relationship

Communication is key when you are attempting long distance dating if it is going to work for you, both before and during. This doesn’t mean you have to speak to each other all day every day on the phone. You could use other forms of communications such a Skype. This will make you feel less distant from each other. Another way to feel like you are together without being there in person is to watch the same TV program or movie at the same time as each other, this will keep you company and you can compare what you watched on Skype after.

In any relationship it is always important to be honest. If you’re feeling a certain way about the situation, don’t be afraid to tell them, it is better to be honest as they might be feeling the same way too. The longer you keep secrets from each other, the less chance there is for the relationship to last.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are the only one in the relationship who is making all the effort. If you feel like it is a one way thing, make sure you talk to the person about how you are feeling. They may not realise they are doing it, or it could be intentional.

Although the relationship is long distance, you mustn’t forget that you can still meet whenever possible. Don’t abandon the relationship just because you don’t live down the road from each other; make sure you keep it fresh with frequent meetings in new places. Alternate where you meet; meet at yours then their etc. The idea of seeing each other again will always give you some excitement.

Trust is important in every relationship. However, when it is long distance it needs to be stronger between the both of you. Make sure you don’t come across paranoid as it could scare them away. also avoid constantly asking questions implying you don’t trust them, this will just end up in arguments, and there is nothing worse than having an argument when you can’t see each other to sort it out.