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Steps To Flirt By Text

1. Commence with texting incomplete or blank texts. Nines time out of ten she will text back which start’s off the conversation. She will be wondering what you were trying to say. Ladies are very curious creatures when in come to human interplay.

2. Tease her. As in any interaction with girls whether or not talking to her on the telephone or being with her in person you should often be playfully teasing. Texting typically uses shortened and misspelled words. Tease her about her spelling.

3. Use delayed replies. Take longer to reply to texts than she does. If she takes an regular of five minutes to text back, you take ten minutes. I’ll usually take much longer, up to thirty minutes in a five minutes exchange intervals. This is regular with an attraction concept to constantly leave a girl in anticipation. If she checks her mobile phone every few minutes you’ve got her hooked.

4. Do not talk too much about sex. This is a general no-no unless she has commenced it and you simply reciprocate at the same degree she does. Females want to be courted and wooed. Playful tease and show her you are a fun guy.

5. Be dominant. Since the early beginnings of human civilization ladies have been attracted to dominant men. The fundamental instinct has not changed, just the methods. Here’s an example of a being dominant in a text.

Girl: “I’m heading to a club tonight with my girlfriends, but I don’t really want to go.”
You: “That’s boring. Don’t be a follower. Come out with me to this hot nightspot. I’ll pick you up at 8. Make sure you look sexy.”

The point here is that you are telling her what to do. Many girls like a man to be in control, to an extent. It makes them feel safe.

6. Keep the goal of texting in mind. The goal of texting is not to socialize, but to set a time to meet in person. To flirt by texting is to simply develop enough attraction for her to say, “Yes” to come see you. As a unforgettable quotation from the film Glengarry, Glen Ross says, “always be closing”.

7. Plant a seed. Don’t leave a text conversation open-ended. Make sure you leave her wanting something more. I actually find the best way to end a conversation is when she is excited about something or she is really engaged in the conversation. Then I leave her telling her I’m busy and will maybe finish it afterwards.