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Tips for Express Love

For many people, getting emotional or expressive is difficult. Some people might even laugh at conventional scenarios that are regarded symbolic of love. Candle-lit dinners are not meant for such folks. Express your love to such a person by playing small games that work along the lines of flirting. This is more like a spicy version of expressing your love. For instance, rather than simply pasting a note on his laptop, SMS him, saying that there is a special gift hidden somewhere in the house. Give him some clues as well. This works well to ignite curiosity and get him interested in the game of love.

This is a real difficult one, i.e. how do you express love when it seems that your partner doesn’t even acknowledge your efforts. Here, you have to be tolerant. You need to understand that your partner might not have the same sensibilities as you. Your partner might need more time to understand the importance of expressing love. Here, you need to be expressive without expecting anything in return. This is the most difficult, forgiving and unconditional way of expressing your love.

Many couples complain about their partners being too possessive. They feel suffocated in their relationship and feel there is no need to repeatedly express their feelings since their partner is so controlling. However, you need to do a reality check here. Try to decipher whether the possessiveness is out of jealousy or lack of faith. If neither is the reason and your partner is naturally possessive, you should be relieved. Why? Because being possessive is also a form of expressing love.